Man divorces wife after discovering jujus in their Brusubi apartment

Written by Gainde

juju juju

A black British man, who is popularly known as Heru, has divorced his Gambian wife after discovering jujus in their Brusubi apartment.  

He told What's On-Gambia:"I got to know her about 4 years ago where she worked. After four trips to The Gambia from the UK, we got married on the 1st April, 2019. The marriage was a traditional one and I did not have time to sign the legal papers." 

He continued: "On my first trip back to The Gambia after the wedding, she mentioned the importance of signing the legal papers, having a child, buying a property and coming to the UK. I started to notice lies, greed and other big red flags." 

But Heru saw red after he discovered dust-covered jujus in their apartment. He disclosed: "She didn't know that juju don't want on me." 

The Black-Brit also accused his now ex-wife of cheating on him