Six very good reasons to date or marry a jegg

Written by Saja


Here are six very good reasons to date or marry a jegg.  

  1. They have a wonderful sense of humour. The ability to talk about anything with them is so refreshing and engaging.
  2. They offer space, which you wouldn't find in small girls. With them, you will be able to take better care of yourself.  
  3. Unlike small girls, they are sensible and free of drama. They know what they want out of their life and relationship in general. 
  4. Sexually, they are more experienced and know how to please or turn a man on. Their partner doesn't have to do a lot of guessing because they are always willing to be the teacher in bed. 
  5. There is no risk of pregnancy. So you might not need condoms every time you have sex. Also, there are no periods to interrupt things. If they are yet to reach menopause, most of them are experienced in birth control.
  6. If you decide to end the relationship or marriage, they always accept it and hardly lose their damn mind over it.