Gambia's sudden cement price hike sparks anger

Written by Saja


The dream of many Gambians to build their own home is dissolving with construction costs going through the roof. 

Cement importers have increased the price of cement sparking widespread anguish among Gambians and non-Gambians living in the country.  

The price for a bag of cement was around D270 and now it has shot up to D400 resulting in an overall increase in construction cost. 

Famous social media influencer, Femi Mahoney wrote on Facebook: "So cement price in that country is hitting almost D400? Please bring back Jammeh!!!" 

One of his followers Ousman JC Darboe commented: " Barrow monopolized importation of cement to his friends Hamidou Jah and Gacem. How can only those two companies supply the whole of Gambia?" 

What irked many is the refusal of the Barrow government to check the cement importers and distributors, some of whom are said to be close buddies of the President.