Gambian migrant dumps gay partner after getting residence permit

Written by Eddy Jatta


A Gambian migrant, who arrived in Europe via the "back way" has allegedly dumped his transgender partner after securing a residence permit in Holland. 

One Rollisa Antonette Codling, who transitioned from male to female two years ago, claimed the Gambian used and dumped her after getting his asylum based on sexual orientation. 

When asked how she met her former partner, she said. "He called me out of the blue claiming he got my number from an LGBT group. I wasn't interested in talking to him or getting to know him, but he started crying that he has nowhere to go and he has no family and friends in Holland." 

Rollisa continued: "I invited him over for a weekend and after that, he kept visiting until one day when he disclosed he loves me. I was shocked because I thought we were only friends." 

The 24-year-old further revealed her ex-Gambian partner told her that he was bi-sexual. They started dating two months after their first weekend together. 

"When I asked whether his family would accept me, he said he's the eldest son in his family and they always respect his decisions," she said.  

Rollisa claimed their relationship started falling apart after helping him get a job and asylum in Holland. 

"He moved out of the apartment and now renting in Amsterdam. He blocked me on WhatsApp. He said he's straight and have a girlfriend."  

The 24-year-old transgender said she was "born gay" in Kingston, Jamaica. She moved to Holland in 2014, where she underwent gender transitioning.