Africell's Be a Star allegedly fixed for Delphina Hanna to win

Written by Aisha Ceesay

Africell Be a Star

Africell's Be a Star is under fire with accusations swirling that the singing contest is fixed for Delphina Hanna to win. 

A keen follower of Be a Star, told What's On-Gambia:" They are cheating. Africell already has a winner, but they are asking people to vote."

He continued: "According to what I heard, Delphina has a very good connection with Africell. She knows someone who works there who is among the bosses. Delphina doesn't even have a good choice."

The viewer went further to alleged that Africell is earning a lot of money from Be a Star, which is broadcast on GRTS and social media platforms. 

"Thousands of people out there are still voting, spending their money. Some people are spending over D4000 just for their favourite contestant to win." 

Be a Star returns on Sunday for its grand finale after seeing Aquila Tucker, Prince Dasilva and other talented budding singers eliminated last weekend.