Is the Smiling Coast turning into a haven for drug peddlers and users?

Written by Lamin Saidy

Drug haven

As European countries intensify their fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, some Gambian drug peddlers in Germany and the United Kingdom have allegedly moved their business to The Gambia.  

A source disclosed to What's On-Gambia that the peddlers and their local agents use night clubs in Senegambia, Kotu and Fajara as a market for their illicit drugs.  

"They smuggle the drugs in containers from Germany and the UK. I don't think the Drug Law Enforcement Agency has the knowledge, resources and skills to stop drugs pouring into the country via our seaport in Banjul," said the source.  

Another source in Germany, who claims to be very close to some of the drug pushers in the German city of Bremen said most of the ecstasy pills that are sold in the country are from Germany.  

"They put them inside containers to The Gambia. I’m living in Bremen Please don’t disclose my identity. I just want to contribute as a good citizen."  

An insider at the Police Headquarters in Banjul alleged that illegal drug dealings and abuse are increasing at an alarming rate across the Greater Banjul Area.  

In January 2021, nearly three tons of cocaine with a street value estimated at more than $87 million was seized at the Port in Banjul.  

The spokesperson at the National Drug Enforcement Agency, Ousman Saidybah said the seizure, which is the largest cocaine seizure in the history of the country, is yet another confirmation that The Gambia is a storage and transport route by international organised crime groups.