Sally Tizzy Jobe: There are many "corporate prostitutes" in Gambia

Written by Saja

Sally Tizzy

Sally Tizzy Jobe has disclosed that there are many "corporate prostitutes" in The Gambia who spend time with men in exchange for cash or gifts. 

During Saturday's episode of the Baadinya Kaacha on Kerr Fatou, the outspoken TV star said: "There are so many types of prostitutes now. But we only blame the ones who regularly stand on the streets." 

She continued: "Do you know how many women are cooperate prostitutes? They go to work, they look responsible but they sleep with different men to live a life they want but they can't afford. 

Sally argued that her fellow young women should learn to be happy and content with what they have. 

"If you are not content with what you have, you will live a very hard life. Why do you want to live more than your budget." 

The last episode of the Bandinya Kaacha gathered more than 12,000 views on Facebook.