Young woman becomes homeowner without help from men

Written by Lamin Saidy

Young woman

A 26-year-old woman has disclosed she recently became a homeowner without any financial help from a boyfriend or husband.  

In a Facebook post, Rinna Mendy wrote: "All thanks to God. Finally, I completed my house. I am 26 years old. I have never travelled to the USA or Europe. I am a local businesswoman and I live in The Gambia." 

The young entrepreneur continued: "I want to take this opportunity to encourage my fellow youths that with hard work, dedication and determination you can make it in The Gambia." 

Rinna thanked her contractor for his honesty and good work.  

One of her friends, who contacted us, said the 26-year-old is a source of inspiration and motivation to many young women since she established her first business, Rinna's Skin Care.  

According to her Facebook, she is single.