Five ways to avoid sperm leakage while fasting

Written by Lamin Saidy

Sperm leakage

Here are 5 ways to avoid sperm leakage while fasting during Ramadan, the holiest month in the entire Islamic calendar 

AVOID MOVIES/TV: Watching indecent movies which show naked or semi-naked women can lead to sperm leakage. The same could happen when listening to dancehall musicians like Spice.  

USE SOCIAL MEDIA WITH CAUTION: On Facebook or Instagram, old sparks can be renewed or new ones can be lit leading to sperm leakage while exchanging messages or reminiscing about the old days. 

AVOID SEXTEXTING: Inappropriate talking with a non-Mehram is not a sign of a good Muslim and it may lead to sperm leakage.  

AVOID PHYSICAL CONTACT: Whether with your colleague at work, girlfriend or wife, physical contact can lead to leaking of sperm and this could render your fast invalid.  

PRAY CONSISTENTLY: Prayer is the act of communicating your thoughts, worries, hopes and dreams to Allah. Praying consistently can save you from sexual immorality.