Madi, Coach Pa Samba, and others still silent on ”honorarium scandal”

Written by Lamin Saidy


While public anger continues to grow over the "honorarium scandal" at the Ministry of Justice, some Gambians are wondering why members of the civil society including Madi Jobarteh and Coach Pa Samba Jow haven't spoken up.  

Former Justice Minister Ba Tambadou, former Solicitor General Cherno Marenah, and others allegedly pocketed more than D10m as honorarium for their contribution to the Rohingya genocide case at the International Court of Justice. 

An insider at the ministry of justice said Madi and Coach Pa Samba are silent on the scandal because some of the officials involved are their close buddies. 

"They are friends with Ba Tambadou and Marenah," said the insider. 

He added: " Didn't you see Madi cruising with them on a boat trip. Gambians don't have values. The value system is dependent on the personality involved and circumstances of the matter." 

Some prominent lawyers in the country said the honorarium paid to Ba, Cherno, and others is in contravention of Section 222(11)&(12) of the constitution of The Gambia.