Alagie Muhamed and Bora are no longer friends

Written by Saja

Alagie 1

Alagie Muhamed and Bora were the most famous comedy duo in the country. They were inseparable and had their own talk show on Kerr Fatou, but things turned sour.  

When contacted by What's On-Gambia, Muhamed declined to comment on the feud between him and his former friend.  

"A long story. But we can talk about it later," he said. 

The Sierra Leone-born comedian recently started a new talk show on Fatu Network, dubbed Tonya Kesso.  

When asked whether Bora will appear on his show, he responded: "Maybe later, but not now. They are trying to reconcile us." 

Information reaching us revealed some of their friends and fans are doing everything they can to reunite them.