O Boy says he repeated Grade 4 eight times

Written by Eddy Jatta

O Boy

Farato-born musician, O Boy has disclosed he repeated Grade 4 eight times at the Brikama Islamic Institute.  

Appearing on comedian Alhagi Muhamed's show, Tonya Kesso, the musician said: "Let me tell you my history. I was attending an arabic school. I started at Grade 1, but at Grade 4, I was unable to continue. I think I spent eight years there." 

He added: "I was stubborn".  

O Boy further revealed that academia wasn't for him. He ditched school as a teen to help his mum, who was selling charcoal to feed the family. 

Soon after, he entered the field of music and soon became a household name with millions of views on YouTube.  

Although he's a school dropout, O Boy's wife holds a degree in Law from the University of The Gambia. She's among the prominent young activist n the country.