Who is Aya's wife? Four things you need to know

Written by Aisha J


Nobles' lead singer, Aya D Don is now off the market. He got married on Sunday to a US-based Gambian, Nyima Colley. Here's everything you need to know about her:  

Who is Nyima Colley? 

She was born in The Gambia but attended high school in the USA. Nyima was a student at Oshkosh North High School in the state of Wisconsin. 

Nyima's job 

She's a Registered Nurse (RN) making between D150,000 - D200,000 per month. She bagged her nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin.  

How Aya and Nyima met 

The details of how Aya and Nyima met are not yet known. The pair were tight-lipped about their romance.  

Nyima's Instagram 

Nyima is using a private Instagram account - meaning only people who follow her can see and engage with her content.