Doctor wants Gambia to ban couples from having more than 4 children

Written by Saja


US-based Gambian doctor and social media influencer, Muhammed Tekanyi wants the government to ban couples from having more than four children.

In a Facebook post, the controversial doctor wrote: "With the increasing rate of childbirth and the worsening ratio of patient to doctor/nurse, I sincerely think The Gambia should emulate Chine by having a childbirth policy."

Dr Tekanyi continued: "Legally limiting the number to 3 or 4 kids per couple will help a lot in improving women and child health, improving the patient-doctor/nurse ratio, provide opportunities for more funds for the healthcare sector, maximize the health care service delivery, improve family health and economic status, etc."

One of his followers, John Mendy commented: "I was just arguing with a colleague health worker about this issue. Can’t agree more Doc."

Another follower, Kalilu Jabbie wrote: "Secular Thought. Can't we checked what causes the death of our mothers in child delivery?"

A former student of the School of Medicine and Allied Health Science- University of The Gambia, Dr Tekanyi briefly worked at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital before moving to the USA.