Money-minded Fula wife dumps broke husband

Written by Aisha J

Fula wife

"My wife took my stuff and ran away from the house," a heartbroken husband told What's On-Gambia.

According to him, his beautiful Fula wife of four years dumped him because she felt he is too poor for her.

He disclosed: "I married her in 2017. Earlier this year, I traveled to Istanbul in search of better opportunities but returned home in September. While I was in Turkey she was continuously disturbing me that she expected me as her husband to buy her a car and build a house for her mum."

The husband, who begged for anonymity, continued: "She's a gold digger. She got married to me when I had money, but immediately I became broke she started creating problems."

He claimed his wife vandalized his entire living room and disappeared. She also destroyed his clothes.

"Her name is Fatou Baldeh and she now lives in Banjulunding. She abandoned our marriage. I did not divorce her."

The heartbroken husband disclosed that his wife was among the guests at ST's birthday party last week.