Minister allegedly caught in a messy love triangle

Written by Eddy Jatta


The recent husband-snatching scandal involving two famous socialites has sparked rumors that a minister in President Adama Barrow's government was roped in a messy love triangle with one of them.

According to a source, the socialite (name withheld) was allegedly sugar dating the minister.

"I don't want to give you all the details because we are in an election year. If the details are out, it could affect Barrow's campaign," said our source.

But he said the Minister was shocked when he discovered that his "side chick" was having a love affair with another man.

"The minister is older than her. It was a scandalous love triangle that would shock the whole nation if you write about it."


Many young women in the country are now involved in sugar dating. They receive gifts and money from their sugar daddies in exchange for companionship, which often includes sex.

Some of them have colorful social media accounts where they share photos of their cars, designer collections and luxury holidays in Dubai, Istanbul, and other famous destinations.