Man claims Essa Faal's surname is Janko, not Faal

Written by Lamin Saidy

Man and Essa 1

A man has recently claimed that former TRRC lead counsel and presidential hopeful Essa Faal's real surname is Janko, not Faal.

In a TikTok video that is currently making the rounds on social media, the man alleged: "I know all the Faals are from Mauritania. Ask him where he was born in Mauritania."

He continued: "If his surname is Faal, not Janko, not from Saruja, doesn't know Bolong, doesn't know Kekutanding, doesn't know Almamy, doesn't know Mari Madani, doesn't know Amadou Gaye, ask him who took my AK47 at Madani's house?"

The man, who didn't disclose his name, claimed Essa stole his AK47 in Saruja - a village in the Central River Division with a population of less than 2000.

"Essa's surname is Janko. He is from Saruja. He was once suspended in Armitage by Haffner after an altercation with him," he said.

He claimed Essa changed his surname to Faal shortly after his clash with former Armitage principal David Haffner.

But many said the man is mentally deranged. The former TRRC lead counsel was born in Banjul. His late father, Mbye Faal was a prominent educationist.