Bakau woman with two husbands to appear in court today

Written by Aisha S

Bakau woman

A mother-of-two, who is allegedly married to two men, is expected to appear before the Kanifing Cadi Court today, October 13, to ask for a divorce from her first husband.

Jainaba approached the Cadi Court for divorcer after it was discovered that she has a secret second husband - a technician at NAWEC.

One of her neighbors disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "Her first husband is my friend, one Muhammed Uppong. He's a Ghanaian who lives and works in The Gambia. The second husband is a technician at NAWEC called Joseph."

He further revealed: "The paternity of Jainaba's second child is still unknown, both men are claiming to be the father."

When asked how the woman was able to marry a second husband in secret, without Muhammed's knowledge, he responded: "She was always away claiming her mother needed help at their family home."

"It was one of the second husband's relatives who lifted the lid on her. We later discovered that she lied to Joseph that she was a divorcee and both her parents are late," said the neighbor.

The heartbroken first husband is hoping the Cadi Court will reject Jainaba's plea and advise her to return to him and their two children.