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Interview: Binta Dibba loses 15 pounds for modelling contract
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Interview: Binta Dibba loses 15 pounds for modelling contract

Modelling is becoming a very popular career among young Gambian girls. Most of them find it exciting and they enjoy being part of the fascinating fashion industry. 

Binta Dibba is one of our sprouting models in the United States of America. The stunning beautiful girl granted What’s On-Gambia an interview: 

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us a little about your background and where you grew up? 

Binta: I’m 22 years old and moved to the USA when I was 13. I spent all my teenage days in Seattle, Washington living with my dad, Amadou Dibba. 

Where is your mum? 

My mum is back home in The Gambia. 

How do you stay in touch with her? 

We usually talk on the phone and I visited in 2011, for the first time. 

Was it fun to visit The Gambia? 

It was very different, because everything was new to me. I felt like I was a stranger. I remember going out with one of my friends and everyone was greeting her and no one knew me. 

Are you planning to visit again? 

Yes, I was planning to visit this December, but got to change my mind because I have to stay and focus on my modelling career. 

What inspired you to become a model? 

I used to hear a lot that I should be a model. When I first moved to the US, I was offered to do modelling in New York but I refused because then I didn’t have the confidence. I was always that tall skinny girl back home at Ndow’s Comprehensive and I hated it. 

Then how did you work up the courage to pose for the camera? 

As I got older I started to gain confidence within myself. I always admired a lot of models, so I just decided I’m just going to go for it. I went to the top agencies in Seattle and I got rejected by all the three. I was disappointed but I am not the type that easily gives up. 

I went to the gym and lost 15 pounds and went back to the number one agency and got signed on the spot. 

So it was a good idea to frequent the gym? 

If you are a model, your body has to be perfect. Ever since I got signed everything has been great for me, I have been getting jobs and a lot of photographers have been requesting me. 

I’m planning to move to New York to pursue my career. 

Is modelling your sole passion or are you also considering another direction for a career? 

I was a university student, but decided to put my studies on a hold and focus on modelling full time. I will later return to school to finish my degree. 

Is your dad okay with your choice of career? 

My dad is very supportive. He’s open-minded and always wanted me to be a model. He said I can follow it and if it doesn’t work I can go back to school. 

Do you have siblings in the US? 

I’m the only child. 

Did you ever pose nude? 

I recently did a nude shot, but the photos are not yet out. As a model doing a nude shot is something that should be expected. 

But posing nude is unacceptable in Gambian societies… 

I’m doing modelling for myself. I do understand why some people wouldn’t accept nudity. They just have to respect what I do. 

Are you single? 

I’m in a situation but I’m not totally single. 

What situation? 

We are beefing right now that is why I called it a situation. 

As a model, what is your opinion about girls sending nude snaps to their boyfriends? 

Well, that is normal in this generation, but it is not smart sometimes. They can be mad with you and leak it. I do believe a lot of people do send naked photos to each other. 

How would you describe Gambian men? 

It depends; I can’t put them all in one box. The ones I associate with are fine to me. I have a lot of Gambian friends that are guys. 

What are your free time activities? 

I like music, dance..I’m an active person. I like to be active. 

Are you good at cooking? 

I cook sometimes (laughs). I was living alone during my college days. 

Are you still living alone? 

I recently moved back to my dad’s house to work and save money for New York. 

Any final words? 

Thanks for the interview and promoting me. I like the whole What’s On-Gambia idea. Keep it up, guys!


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