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INTERVIEW: US-based teenager, Isetou Jawara is starting her own fashion line
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INTERVIEW: US-based teenager, Isetou Jawara is starting her own fashion line

Isetou Jawara is a young Gambian living in the USA. She is planning to open her own fashion line. Read below our interview with her:

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us briefly about yourself?

Isetou: I’m Isetou. I was born in New York, USA. Recently, I completed high school and now getting to attend Utica College with a full ride scholarship?

What do you mean by full ride scholarship?

They will be paying for my college education because I was one of those students that did community travel to different countries for free and my Grade Point Average was very high, it was a 90.84.

How often do you visit The Gambia?

I was living in The Gambia for three years. I did my middle school education at Ndow’s Comprehensive.


You are about to start your own fashion line that focuses on promoting diversity among young people around the globe. How did you come up with the idea?

I’m always passionate about fashion, especially putting together different types of clothes whether its modern or old school. I’m currently working at one of the biggest fashion boutiques in America called Forever 21.  The customers motivated me to focus on creating my own fashion collection that will be tribal.

Has living in America changed your fashion taste?

Yes! Every year there is a new trend coming out.

Are you planning to organize fashion shows to promote your line?

Yes, I’m actually planning to have a fashion show next year to exhibit the different tribal outfits I created.  I'm also launching a business website where customers can buy my products online.

How do you think your fashion line would stand out among what’s currently available in the market?

My fashion collection will most likely stand out because it will deal with different types of styles and prints which are not in trend and every outfit will be unique and different.

Hijab or head tie?

 I love both, I can't choose.

Which Gambian celebrity would you like to see wearing pieces of your line?

I would like Fatou Camara to try my professional attire once I created one.

Are you planning to target the Gambian market?

In the future I will love to build a business in The Gambia.


Tell us about your ongoing fundraising?

Well, every business needs to start somewhere.  I created a page on GoFundMe where people can donate anything to support my fashion collection. This will help me start my business - the money will be used for materials and customizing the outfits.

Do you have any words of advice for young girls trying to achieve their dreams?

If you are passionate about anything don't let anyone stop you from accomplishing your goal even if it takes years go for it and never give up.


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