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Jatou Mbowe talks sex tape scandal, police interrogation and career in exclusive interview
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Jatou Mbowe talks sex tape scandal, police interrogation and career in exclusive interview

Jatou Mbowe is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about girls in The Gambia right now.  The Crystal Lounge DJ’s sex tape that was leaked online went viral within a weak. 

According to sources, the amateur video was originally sent to her former best friend’s beau. 

“She wanted to steal by boyfriend,” the former bestie, Aja Sonko told What’s On-Gambia. 

In an effort to bounce back from her embarrassment, the controversial DJ granted What’s On-Gambia an exclusive interview: 

What’s On-Gambia: How do you feel about your sex tape that went viral online? 

Jatou: Bad, hurt, humiliated …but also very strong. 

Any regrets? 

Regrets? No! Lessons learnt? Yes 

What are the lessons? 

Come on! Those are personal. A wise lady used to tell me to be aware of friends, but I never listened. The whole time I kept saying I would never do that to anyone even if he or she were my worst enemy. 

So you are disappointed with your bestie, Aja and her boyfriend? 

The boyfriend? Who cares? Aja, yes, in a way but not to an extend. 

Why are you disappointed with Aja? According to her, you wanted to steal her boyfriend. 

Honestly, I don’t want to talk about her. I mean I could go on and on but no. She isn’t worth it. 

Do you think the sex tape can ruin your image and career? 

No, it can’t. It’s going to hold me back a little but can’t ruin anything in my life. I can’t control the way people think about me. But my talent and intelligence speaks for me. 

Did the police question you? 

Yes. The boyfriend called the police and said I’m a prostitute and I send sex tapes to guys for money. And that I’m a fraudster, using his passport and bank details to encourage criminals to have access to his account. 

Are the police going to mount an investigation? 

I just told them the story and showed them proofs and then I left. 

Who is this boyfriend at the center of the scandal? 

Talking about him wouldn’t make me feel any better.  If you guys want to expose him, go ahead! It’s just not my way of getting back at people. Why would I run to you guys when we have the court of law? December is not far! 

So you want to drag them to court? 

No! I mean before running to the Internet, I might as well go to the court. That is where the judges are and not the Internet. 

What advice do you have for young ladies? 

Whatever happens, believe in yourself and be yourself. And work hard! Being independent is one of the cutest things a woman can be. 

Would you advise them to send nude photos and videos to their boyfriends? 

Come on! What kind of human being will I be advising young ladies to do that? 

So your advice is - don’t send nude photos and videos to your boyfriends? 

Do you always repeat your questions? Or you are trying to get words out of me? 

We just want to get it clear. 

Oh ok. 

Do you have a boyfriend? 

Of course!

Since when? 

You mean how long we been dating? 


Almost a year. 

So you were dating him and talking to Aja’s boyfriend at the same time? 

You said talking, not dating. I’m talking to you now and does that mean I’m cheating. 

But you sent him nude photos and a video. 

Did I? 

That was what he told his girlfriend and the video you sent him was the one that went viral online. 

I think I said that I don’t want to talk about those pathetic people. The people who are close to me know what’s up and that’s what matters to me.  Lies and negativity travels the world in seconds but truth stays in the pocket and positivity walks at a slow pace. 

What kind of response did you receive from fans since the tape went viral? 

Some were in tears. Others kept calling making sure am ok and the ones I’m close to gave me some sisterly advice. 

How did you start your deejaying career? 

I entered the media field in 2003 with West Coast Radio as a sports presenter.  I was in junior secondary and that made me the youngest sports presenter in the country. I later worked with Africell’s media department and presented most of their shows on radio and TV with my colleagues. After quitting Africell, I took a year break off the air and came back as a radio DJ and when I got bored with it, I decided to do club deejaying. 

How often do you deejay at City Lounge and how does it feel to be the only known female club DJ? 

Every weekend, Fridays and Saturdays. Well, it feels good and being the first is a challenge. I think females in the country are scared of the entertainment industry. We have few female singers and rappers. Ladies need to be more involved. 

Is deejaying a lucrative job in The Gambia? 

It pays the bills, so I can’t complain. 

Some people would say club deejaying is for loose girls. What’s your take on that? 

But girls are the majority in the clubs every weekend. So I rather work and play at the same time, than party every weekend. 

There are suggestions that you should become an ebadu, quit smoking and drinking and live a quiet life… 

Like really? That's so cute of them. I will think it through. Everything is possible, you never know. It is refreshing to know after all the negative comments, some actually were advices. I always listen to advices. 

Are you a wild girl? 

Well depends on what wild is. I think I said before that my life is routine. All I do is work, stay home, eat out and party like every normal human being. So if this means wild, then I guess I’m wild. 

How do you feel your journey is going as a DJ? 

It’s smooth and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a lot of hard work and like I said before it’s a challenge for me. OK, I am loving the interview but I have to go take a shower and head out with my girls. 

Two more questions and we are done. Ok? 

Go on. 

If you could speak to a group of young schoolgirls, what would you tell them? 

I would tell them to work hard on their studies, because you never go wrong with education. 

Any final words? 

As Gambians we need to support and help one another. Destroying another person wouldn’t make you any greater. 

“She’s my role model,” says niece,  Jainaba Mbowe (Baby J) 

My auntie is a strong and independent lady! She started working at the age of 18 and since then, she always took care of me like she is my mum. She hustles hard for her son and her family.

Sometimes, I get bad at her for being so nice to everyone. She never stops smiling to people. She is so down-to-earth. My aunt is open minded and outspoken, so a lot of people misunderstand her for this. 

How many girls have two jobs in The Gambia? She does! She always tells me she has three jobs and the first is being a mother. I adore this young lady and she is my role model! 


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