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Jizzle’s new video showing half-naked girls angers fans
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Jizzle’s new video showing half-naked girls angers fans

Fans are expressing their disappointment with Jizzle after the Bakau-born singer released a music video, which shows half-naked girls.

The video, Turn by Turn, which was uploaded on YouTube on the 18th October, has garnered more than 50,000 views.

One of his fans told What's On-Gambia: "Jizzle should remember that whatever you do in life, there are ethics and customs that guide you as a person based on your religious or sociocultural background. He should be mindful of the type of images he put in his videos, they should be more decent to suit the general audience and prevent premature exposure of the young ones towards nudity."

She continued: “The video concept and the song are miles away from each other. The song is so inspirational, unveils the plight of young people in their struggle. It also talks about patience as a virtue and the fight against jealousy. With all such accumulation of wisdom in the song, the video came and distracted us all from those lessons."

The fan, who begged for anonymity, further argued that the Turn by Turn video would have been a great video if "it was centred on the various themes and portray their true images. It was going to inspire more people to work harder."

Jizzle is right now one of the most talked-about musicians in the country. He is launching his new album next month at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.


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