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Marriage in crises! Wife accused of sending semi-naked photos to secret lover
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Marriage in crises! Wife accused of sending semi-naked photos to secret lover

Ida Ngum, the wife of former sports journalist Wuyeh Manga, has found herself in a stormy situation after using the What’s On-Gambia Facebook page to inform Gambians that she is no longer married. 

She wrote: “My name is Ida Ngum (formerly known as Ida Wuyeh Manga). I was married to Amadou Wuyeh Manga, the then sports journalist of Unique FM and now in Germany. We're now DIVORCED and I’m having no peace, no quietness. Whenever people see me with someone, they’re like: “she is married and cheating on her husband.” I want the whole Gambia to know that I’m not married to the sports journalist anymore. I’m single!” 

Few hours after it was posted, she received more than ten marriage proposals on Facebook. 

“Message yu dut jeh. People texting me like crazy and even my ex,” she told What’s On-Gambia. 

But interestingly, a family member wrote to What’s On-Gambia to disclose that Ida is still married. 

“We’re working on strengthening their marriage. She is just childish. Her mum was recently at Wuyeh’s compound to settle things.” 

According to a source close to the husband, the marriage turned sour after Ida was caught sending semi-nude pictures of herself to a Gambian guy living abroad. 

“They’re on the verge of getting divorce, but not yet. I know Wuyeh very well. Ida made a mistake by going online talking to a random guy and showing him her private parts. This really angered her husband and that was how the problem started, “ said our source. 

Ida’s husband is now linked to Yandeh Kodou Nyang, the US-based model that recently claimed to have spent a passionate weekend with Akon in a New York hotel. 

Yandeh Kodu Nyang

“They’re going to meet this December to finalize their future together. They’re madly in love. Wuyeh was mad about what you guys wrote about Yandeh and Akon, but he managed to convince her that you guys are crap,” said our source. 

Our source added that Ida was very upset when she heard that her husband is dating the attention-seeking model. She found it difficult to believe that her marriage is crumbling to divorce. 

The young wife is now playing mind games with her former sports journalist husband. 

“I’m not sure she is over Wuyeh. There is the strong likelihood that they may reconcile and become the happy couple they used to be, “said a family member. 

Ida has apparently deactivated her Facebook account and Wuyeh is still mute over the scandal.


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