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Mother sparks anger after forgiving 9-year-old daughter’s rapist
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Mother sparks anger after forgiving 9-year-old daughter’s rapist

A mother in Kombo South has sparked anger among Gambians after saying she forgives her 9-year-old daughter's rapist and doesn't want him to be dragged to court.

The rapist, who is said to be her nephew, is currently in police custody awaiting trial, charged with rape of a child. 

“He did it and should not have done it, but I have forgiven him,” the mother told Standard Newspaper's senior reporter Alagie Manneh. 

Many took to social media to lash out at her saying she should be arrested for obstruction of justice. 

Former police officer, Fatoumatta Jallow wrote: "The crime is against the state and not the mother. She can forgive but the law should take its course." 

One Christina Aaboe in Denmark also wrote: "How a mother can forgive such a brutal act of violence against her own daughter is beyond understanding. I fear for the life if this little girl if she does not get the protection and love she needs and deserve from her parents even.

Shame on parents like that!" 

Zainab Ceesay, who studied Education at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, argued that the child should be taken from her mother. 

"A clear example that there are no safeguarding rules in the Gambia.

The child must be taken away from her mother," she said. 

Facebook user, Nancy Jeng commented: "Family member or not family member, I don't care! Whoever did this to my child, I'll jail you for the rest of your life, period!" 

Information reaching What's On-Gambia revealed the rapist, who already confessed to the crime after hours of interrogation by police, is a 17-year-old schoolboy.


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