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Neneh Bojang is most admired Gambian woman online
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Neneh Bojang is most admired Gambian woman online

If you’re an active Facebook user, you’ve definitely seen a post by Neneh Bojang. She is arguably the most admired Gambian woman online with more than 15,000 active Facebook followers, putting her in command of a population that exceeds Daily Observer’s readership base.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Neneh is a gender and political activist. She is the presenter of NENEH, a talk show on Mamos TV that is gaining popularity among Gambians in the diaspora.

According to her, NENEH deals with issues that today’s men and women face, giving honest talk and practical insights to important social issues. The talk show also promotes Gambian music.

Although there are a few other Gambian women with more followers on social media, Neneh stands out for how she engages with her fans. Her recent post on Valentine’s Day hit a whopping 6,000 likes in less than two days.

On The Gambia’s Independence Day, the presenter was gifted with a brand new jingle for her talk show by singer Nova Sambou.

In December 2015, Neneh received the Best TV Presenter 2015 Award from Inter Face Gambia in the United Kingdom.

“I was awarded the 2015 TV Presenter of The Year Award at the Interface Gambia TV awards. I thank the Almighty Allah for this blessing and dedicate it to my beloved mother Fatoumatta Sabally who passed away in 2015. I thank my amazing husband Kejau Touray for his relentless support,” she wrote on Facebook shortly before receiving the award at the Royal Regency in London.

Neneh is one of the political activists in the Diaspora that is known for promoting sobriety in politics. She encourages her colleagues to respect and embrace divergent views and stop engaging in insults and witch hunting. 


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