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Nina Beste accuses Fila TV show of racism!
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Nina Beste accuses Fila TV show of racism!

Nina Beste went public few days ago with her accusation that the producers of Fila, refused her and her group appearance on the popular TV show. 

During a press conference attended by a handful of journalists, the German-born singer said sometimes she feels marginalized because of her nationality. 

Nina said she tried several times to appear on the Fila show but was denied, and the producers have not yet provided any genuine reason to her. 

She said: “No seriously they did not want me on the show! I tried myself several times when I was with Roots Bongo Band, and I was personally told over the phone that it is a Gambian show only featuring Gambian artists. I told them that 99% of the band are Gambians, just me I am from Germany, but a Gambian resident. Then our former manager tried and they told him the same. So I let it go.” 

Nina Beste

Nina tried again after leaving the Roots Bongo Band, but was told to wait. She is disappointed that the producers are still reluctant to allow her on the show. 

“I think it is pretty obvious that Wagan (one of the producers) has a problem with non-Gambians on his show.” 

But luckily, the German singer is still determined despite the prejudices that exist in some areas of the music industry.  She is about to release a new album together with her husband on the 14th February, 2014. 


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