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Omid Wisdom drops new single, “Gambiano La baluwo”
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Omid Wisdom drops new single, “Gambiano La baluwo”

Omid Wisdom has released a new single, Gambiano La baluwo. It features four prominent Gambian stars, OG Log, Sparklyn Black, Hussein Dada and Bigg Faa.  

The award-winning singer revealed the single is currently on all streaming platforms including YouTube and Audiomack.  

 "Gambiano La baluwo is the kind of food for thought music the people are craving for," he said.  

Omid added: "The single urges Gambians to not be quiet concerning the truth that Gambian Lives Matter and directs this concern towards the politicians. It is a song mention worthy of every Gambian media platform as it touches on the very critical subject matter concerning every Gambian at the moment. The fate of the country, the direction of its politics vis a vis it’s citizenry’s well being." 

Omid is not a stranger in the Gambian music and entertainment scene. He is well-respected and has rubbed shoulders with some of the finest musicians in Africa. 

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