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OPINION: My take on Operation 3-Years Jotna
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OPINION: My take on Operation 3-Years Jotna

We should not condemn those calling for President Barrow to honour the 3-Year Coalition MoU. It was a campaign promise that convinced many to vote for him.  

His supporters want him to rule for 5 years as dictated by the constitution. We should not also condemn them because the constitution is the supreme law of the land. 

However, I don't think we want a leader who doesn't keep his word. 

On the 3-Year Jotna protest 

The security situation in The Gambia is very fragile right now and the recent violent protests and the chaos that followed are evident of this fact. 

Our constitution does provide the right to assembly and peaceful protest but given the current feeling amongst Gambians, protests can be a recipe for violence. 

And let's not forget, December falls within the tourist season and tourism is the country's biggest foreign exchange earner and is a major source of employment.

Any indication of violence will affect tourist arrivals and the effects will be too hard to bear. 

How do we get out of this quagmire?

President Adama Barrow is yet to formally express his desire to stay beyond the three years. I suggest he comes out and address the nation, make his position known and give reasons why we should allow him to stay for five years. 

The civil society organisations and the council of elders also have a role to play. They should try and encourage Operation 3-Years Jotna to engage the government on their requests. 

Seedy Njie


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