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OPINION: Protest is important for our new democracy
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OPINION: Protest is important for our new democracy

Gambian-kolu, democracy isn't only about accepting differences in political affiliation. It goes further and beyond - it's also about accommodating divergent ideas, priorities and ways of thinking.

It is a norm that various groups construct their beliefs in ways that support what they want to be true. The mere understanding that what doesn't make sense to you, makes perfect sense to the person next to you would dispel so much contempt in our political discourse.

Protesters in any democracy put governments to account and the threat they posed, if any, pales compared to the danger of subverting our checks and balances.

Although, we are free at any point in time to disagree with any of their reasoning, what we MUST NOT do is to condemn their concerns as a non-issue and seized their right to freedom of assembly. Especially, at this pivotal moment in our history, when we are trying to heal the wounds of our nation caused by a brutal dictator.

I can assure you, without a speck of doubt that all these noises, all these protests, all those social media wrangling and bungling, when approached with an open mind today would be remembered by our children's children as the very foundation upon which lies our democracy. In so doing, we can secure our freedom our prosperity and our ability to live together peacefully now and for generations to come.

Let's cherish it.

By Buhari Jr.

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