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Please, brush and floss your teeth: A guest article by Abdoulie Jobe
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Please, brush and floss your teeth: A guest article by Abdoulie Jobe

For at least every few hours, let us think about our mouth and teeth as a gateway to the rest of our body. If we effectively give regards, much regards to it then we will save a lot of money and time for the doctors and their appointments. God was so considerate giving us a sensible tongue that communicates with our brain. 

For example, we know right away when we have an unusual taste of strange food or other intakes. The same thing applies to our mouth and teeth. For instance, the mouth always knows the potion that can fit for a comfort swallowing; the same way the teeth ruminates on what’s ruminable. 

I would love to talk about a part of us that we have constant contact with, not only when we are eating or chewing, but also smiling amongst other things. Recently, I've had lots of questions about my HEALTHY SET OF TEETH. First of all, I’ve never smoked or drank; I have never had toothache and have never visited a dentist.  Are you surprised? 

I have seen and know a lot of people in The Gambia, who have similar features and the little research I've just concluded revealed that it's not just brushing your mouth with Colgate or chewing stick every day, but it's more about being conscious of the types of relationship and contact we have with our mouth every few hours. 

As humans, we consume much food rich in sugar and for the fact that the mouth has different types of bacteria; we need to brush or floss immediately after eating – the main secret to avoiding plaque buildup on your teeth. 

Plagues do not hurt or pain, but they can become hard to brush or scrap it out. 

In The Gambia, some people are just too lazy. They hardly have time to brush their teeth. This is why most of us have yellow teeth. I had it before, when I was much younger than now.

At times, we hardly want to know that our breath stinks or we really don't care to know. Someone whom you're having an intimate relationship with (wife/hubby, boy/girlfriends) only talks secretly about this in the person's absence. We think it’s probably bizarre to talk about a natural occurrence. I believe one do not have to become a Manager in order to manage, so we do not have to be dentists to come up with a storyline that would motivate people to be more conscious about oral hygiene. 

It’s a great compliment for people to admire the whiteness and how well your teeth are arranged in your mouth. I keep telling people that in The Gambia, people hardly visit dentists and yet there are uncountable people who have same teeth like mine. They all keep concluding that this got to do with our genes as colored people (blacks), but I know you would agree with me that it’s more than just that. 

I have also had few friends or families who've got rotten teeth. Most of them are quiet young. I thank God for making me and many of my likes nonsmokers. I have two of my uncles who are addicted to smoking. One of them is having his teeth as white as snow and I never heard him seeing a dentist. Another virtually got everything plugged out already, so I do not want to judge that smokers don't take care of their teeth. If that’s the case then my other uncle would be losing his white strong teeth too. He is currently using a couple of artificial ''bogn'' or ''poseh''. So I don't know. 

Please do not just read this and go, also follow the variety comments and responds people would give to it. I may probably be just a starter of the issue but someone more experienced than me may drop a comment, to rectify my mistakes or shed more lights. 

Thank you. 

Abdoulie Jobe a.k.a Ferdy is a 25-year-old currently studying journalism.  He was a radio talk show host and youth activist. 


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