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Senegal accused of stealing Gambian word “dallu”
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Senegal accused of stealing Gambian word “dallu”

Some Gambians are accusing Senegal of stealing the word "dallu" from them and they're now using it every single day. 

"The word became increasingly popular among Senegalese after it was used by Leuz Diwane G in his hit song, Mburook Lem," said Ajie Amie Gaye, a keen follower of Senegalese music. 

Dallu, which is an enormously common word in the Greater Banjul Area and West Coast Region, is close to the English word "cosy". It involves being comfortable, content, enjoying the moment and recharging. 

It is still unclear how and when dallu was invented and added to Gambian Wollof, but some believe it has been around for a long time. 

Leuz Diwane G's song that introduced the word to many Senegalese was a big hit in 2018 with over 11million views on YouTube.


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