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Sexy and I know it! A chat with model Mariama Drammeh
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Sexy and I know it! A chat with model Mariama Drammeh


Pretty Mariama Drammeh a.k.a Gambian Lioness was Miss West Africa-Germany 2011. She is a 22-year-old with experience in runway, modeling and music. In this interview, she tells us more about herself and her modeling career: 

What’s On-Gambia: Please introduce yourself. 

Mariama: I'm Mariama Drammeh, 22 years old and a student, beauty queen and model in Cologne, Germany. My passions are gaining new life experiences, dancing, traveling, photo-shoots and staying active. I was born and raised in Germany, but my father is Gambian and I am very proud of my roots! 

I am very passionate about things that happen in Gambia and can't wait to be there in December this year. My friends say that I am a happy and funny person (laughs). 

Why do you call yourself the Gambian Lioness? 

I am a strong, passionate and proud Gambian, like a lioness. 

What was it like growing up in Germany? 

It gave me a lot of experience in a positive and negative way. I have always been the only black person in my school and it gave me strength, confidence and pride to be African. 

How often do you visit The Gambia? 

I try to visit The Gambia once a year. But after my studies I plan to go there for some years and build my own house. I am always missing the smiling coast and my family over there, I am thinking about it every day. 

Any fond memories you want to share? 

I had the best time there in 2006 with my parents and my little brother. I had tears in my eyes when the plane landed. I felt so welcomed and comfortable. 

When did you decide you wanted to enter into modeling and how did the idea come? 

I started modeling in 2010 and just after my first photo-shoot I got a request from the MISS WEST AFRICA-GERMANY organizers. I liked it because it wasn’t just about beauty; a huge part of the pageant was about developing projects to help the needy. I chose to do education about Malaria. It was a great time! 

How well did your family accept your choice to model and participate in beauty pageants? 

My whole family is excited about my journey as a model. They are asking for new photos and projects every time and are very proud of what I do! 

Are you involved with any charity project? 

I plan to start my own charity organization in Gambia soon. I will keep you updated. During my reign as Miss West Africa-Germany I did an educational charity project on Malaria. It is important not just to get something in life, but also to give something! 

As a model, is everything about you expensive? 

Of course not (laughs)... there are some goodies like travel, clothes you get from sponsors etc., but that does not mean a model lives in luxury! I think it is important to stay down-to-earth. Simple things like having my family and friends around me, health, happiness and God are so much more important -they are priceless! 

What advice would you give to any girl wanting to become a beauty queen? 

Always be true to yourself, never let someone bring you down, keep smiling and stay positive. 

Let’s talk about your love life; are you in a relationship right now? 

Yea, I am happily taken for two years now. 

How would you describe Gambian men? 

Funny, handsome, proud and a bit jealous sometimes (laughs). 

Any experience you want to share? 

(Laughs)No. I don’t mean they’re jealous in a negative way.  

Please elaborate. 

It’s cute that they are jealous sometimes. They just want to have their wives for themselves. Even if I go to party with my girls with a nice dress etc. that would be a problem but that’s what I like about Gambian men (laughs). 

Did you ever date a Gambian? 

(Laughs) am sorry but I don’t want to answer that question because it’s too private, I think. 

What do you think are the secrets to looking sexy in a photo? 

What is important is your mind. You have to bring yourself into a sexy mind-situation. 

Anything about you that would surprise us? 

I used to be a very shy kid, who did not like her natural, curly hair. 

Name us your beauty products you can’t live without?

My MAC Concealer for a fresh look, Palmer’s Coconut Oil Conditioner to keep my hair shiny and moisturized and mascara. 

What does fashion and style mean to you? 

As a model of course it means a lot to me. I love wearing sexy high heels, nice dresses and jewelry. It makes me feel awesome, but to be honest health and family are so much more important than fashion! 

What is your wish list right now? 

To finish my studies successfully by next year, work together with awesome photographers, travel the world and stay healthy. 

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought and how much was it? 

It was a dress for my pageant and I bought it for 750 euro. 

Final words? 

I want to thank you for the interview, it was a pleasure. And to the readers: always love yourself and stay away from negativity and people who bring you down-life is just too short for things like that. Visit me on Facebook: facebook.com/mariama.drammeh. 


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