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Sing-a-teh working on his debut international album: Is he also about to get married?
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Sing-a-teh working on his debut international album: Is he also about to get married?

Gambian international reggae singer, Sing-a-teh has said that he has already started working on his debut international album. 

During an interview with What’s On-Gambia, the Bansang-born singer disclosed that IDub Music in Germany and Hit City Records in Atlanta, Georgia are behind the production. 

“We have already started. I’ve recorded songs featuring international artists like Naptali and Tony Anthony both from Jamaica. I will also enter studio with Lady Flame, also a Jamaican singer but based in the USA,” said Sing-a-teh. 

He added: “Right now my record label is also making links for Beres Hammond and Ginjah to be part of the project. The album is also featuring some Gambian artists like Jali  Madi.” 

According to Sing-a-teh, he now wants to focus more on the international scene. He told What’s On-Gambia: “After my recent European tour, I have realized that there is huge interest for music from Africa. I think this is because Europe is becoming home to people from different cultural backgrounds.”  

Idub Music is exclusively responsible for financing the project. The German-based record label will also be responsible for the distribution of the album.  

A super excited Sing-a-teh said: “After releasing the album, next summer I should be touring Europe to promote it. A website has already been created www.singatehrise.com and Gambians can go there to get all the latest information on how to buy this master piece album. At the moment, I am taking it calmly and the work is going on smoothly. Also, I am learning a lot about music and music production and I hope to share this with my fellow Gambian artists.” 

There is not yet any tentative release date for the new album, but some of his fans are already happy that he is working on some new stuff at a higher level. Sing-a-teh should be travelling to the United States to complete the album at the Hit City studios, where the final mastering will be done. 

Recently, he finished shooting two new music videos in Norway and the first one should be released after the Ramadan. 

In the meantime, rumors are swirling that the More Message singer is about to tie the knot. With who? The answer still remains a mystery. According to our source, Sing-a-teh is now ready to settle down and start a family. When our reporter quizzed him about it, he refused to comment saying: “Is the interview not about my upcoming album? So you want me to also talk about my private life, chei What’s On-Gambia. I will respond to that when we have an exclusive interview next time as at now am going to put crazy glue on my lips to that question.”


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