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Singateh talks about fatherhood in first interview since daughter’s birth
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Singateh talks about fatherhood in first interview since daughter’s birth

Singateh has spoken for the first time since the birth of his daughter, Mama Aisha Singateh. Read below our exclusive interview with the international singer.

What’s On-Gambia: How are you doing, Singateh?

Singateh: Am doing great!

You recently became a father. How is the baby doing? 

Yap, I am a daddy and a proud one for that matter, and everyone is doing just fine.

Who is the mum?

I don't know if she would love to have her name published, but she is a woman of principle and I respect that.

What is it like being a father?

It’s a great feeling! I feel like a total new person. The feeling is just too much that I can't express, looking at the baby’s face makes me feel like the happiest person on this earth..


Are you still actively into music?

As far as Gambian music is concerned, I am one of the most consistent artists we ever have - been in this game for almost 11 years and still am doing my thing.

It is true that I don't do lots of gigs recently. Usually, I go on stage when I feel like it is necessary. I spend more time working in my studio, hanging out with friends or busy running my businesses.

Please, tell us about some of your new projects?

I have so many new stuffs in the pipeline. My new album, which is going to be released both locally and internationally, is at its finishing stages.

I am also working on a compilation called the best of SING A TEH, which features all of my late hit songs. My fans have been asking for it.

The annual European tour is about to start. On the 11th October, I will be in Barcelona and from there I am heading to Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Finland.


You are one of the most travelled young artists of the country. Where do you see your legacy 10 years from now?

I can’t remember how many countries I have been to. I performed in different cities, and it’s always a learning experience for me.

I heard so many young artists say that they aspire to be like me. My legacy will definitely live on for so long as far as Gambian music is alive.

You’re the owner of Pak Music. What are some of your favorite Pak Music releases?

Pak Music is my home studio and I built it for my personal use. But recently, I opened my doors for other artists to also benefit, especially the upcoming and struggling artists.

Over the past two years, I have recorded so many big hits. My favorite songs right now include Repla y andBul di Joy by Mighty Joe, Musu Foro with Jali Madi, Saying by O.G Log and SummerTime by Jizzles.  

What do you think of some of the young stars sprouting now?

We have talents no doubt about that, but I keep telling them that we can’t all be singers. Some of them should learn instruments and may be they would be better in that.

The problem with our young artists is that they want to do everything fat fat: today you hit the studio for the first time and  after two months you lunching an album or mix tape, doesn't make sense to me.  I think YAKAMTI BI LA GUY WARRA BAYE! Take your time and learn more.

Tell us about your upcoming album?

The upcoming album is a whole different level, something that can attract the international audience.  Few of the songs are done by me and the rest I collaborated with different producers in Europe.


Is there anything you look back on and wish you would have done a bit differently? 

Hell yea! I think at some point I wasted so much money, because I had no proper management. I should have been the first young millionaire in the music industry (laughs). But it is still not late.  

Sometimes, as a young artist it can difficult to handle all the fame and hype and you end up doing things that can haunt you in the future.  I have now taken a new path and I am seeing the rewards bit by bit.

Good luck with everything!

Thank You!


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