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Suebreeze, yaa mujay dem bitim reew!
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Suebreeze, yaa mujay dem bitim reew!

Did you catch it when Suebreeze reactivated her Facebook account and uploaded a new photo? If you are just realizing this, you’re too late.

The photo, which generated more than 500 likes, shows Bai Babou’s former manager standing in the middle of a Belgian street with the caption: “Flexing on a -1 degree.”

A source told What’s On-Gambia: “She left Facebook in December 2015 but came back in the past few days to let us all know that she is in Belgium.”

The young beauty started self-promotion so soon after arriving in Brussels, with some congratulating her for finally setting her feet on European soil.

“Congratulations baby,” wrote one Corrah Julo.

But Suebreeze’s return to Facebook didn’t include a mention of her new job as a protocol officer at State House. She bagged the job late last year.


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