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Sukaina denies dating Williams: “But he is not gay”
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Sukaina denies dating Williams: “But he is not gay”

Calvin Williams Brown recently announced on the What’s On-Gambia Facebook page that he is in a relationship with a Gambian girl in Germany, rubbishing rumors that he is gay. 

And to substantiate his claim, the catwalk specialist and owner of Glamorous Models Africa uploaded a photo of the girl as his Facebook profile picture. 

But the girl, Sukaina Cecilia Mendy, has denied being in a relationship with Williams. 

The sprouting model explained to What’s On-Gambia that they are just pals and nothing more.  “I’m not dating Williams. I just know him for some weeks now and we never met. He is in Gambia and I’m in Germany. It’s not possible for me to date someone that I don’t really know. He is just helping me with my career and I appreciate that.” 

When asked about Williams announcement of their ‘relationship’ on Facebook, Sukaina replied; “I told him to remove that comment.” 

Adding: “I don’t really know him that well but I don’t think that he is gay. He is a man of God and I think he isn’t gay.” 

Rumors about Williams sexual orientation have been circulating for some time and it gained strength when What’s On-Gambia published about his on-going feud with fashion designer, Ziza. 

“I’d never heard about the rumour and I don’t think he is gay. Somebody somewhere is spreading lies to bring down a hardworking man. Trust me, it is all a setup,” said an upcoming model, who once worked with the catwalk specialist. 

Guys who are feminine in nature and also in appearance are commonly labeled gay in The Gambia, especially if they are seen spending more time with the opposite sex. 

Calvin Williams Brown declined to talk to our reporter. 


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