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The Farafenni ‘jinneh’: Police fails to protect Munina Dicko’s identity
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The Farafenni ‘jinneh’: Police fails to protect Munina Dicko’s identity

“If the Police was concerned about warning the public, they could do so without the accused persons standing next to them during press briefing or on TV,” said US-based lawyer, Sarjo Barrow during an interview with What’s On-Gambia.

Last week, the Police paraded two suspected criminals for defrauding one Ebrima Touray out of more than D1.5m.

One of the suspects is popular girl, Munina Dicko. According to the Police Spokesman, she was used by a fake marabout to disguise as ajinneh that was interested in marrying Ebrima, who was looking for help to improve his wealth.

Was it right for the Police to parade Munina and the fake marabout on GRTS and also distribute their photos to the different media houses in the country?

According to some critics, the suspects have a constitutional right to have a fair trial in the court of law, by an impartial magistrate, uninfluenced by media reports.

“We have to bring this story out because we want the people to understand that a lot of people have been victims of this type of fraud,” said the police Spokesman.

Lawyer Sarjo Barrow disagreed: “You may share photos of alleged criminals that are not apprehended by police yet when such individuals pose a serious danger to the public. This is done by appealing to the public and sharing sketch drawings or even pictures of the alleged with the news media. But once the alleged criminals are caught, you don't do press release with them or parade them on TV. That's just wrong. Because unless the police had  already conducted an initial line-up, any line-up after that press briefing will most likely be thrown out by the court on the grounds that it’s too suggestive. That is to say the line-up is tainted. And because of this police error, the criminal could go free because the police blundered.”

Munina, who is a Gambian narr is on bail and expected back in court soon.  She is from Farafenni, but currently living in Bakau.


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