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The perfect Gambian beauty! Fayer talks about her career, posing nude, Jali Madi, and music
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The perfect Gambian beauty! Fayer talks about her career, posing nude, Jali Madi, and music

Yama Faye alias Fayer requires no introduction. She is a model in the USA and former TV presenter with the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS).  The 24-year old, who attended the prestigious Marina International School, is one of the few Gambians to make headway into the American fashion industry. 

“I love what I do. I’m not a celebrity, am just crazy!” she said with a smile.

Fayer completed high school in 2007, and went on to study International Business at Jollof Tutors. Her first job was a cashier at Best Rate Foreign Exchange Bureau. After six months with them, she landed a job at GRTS.

“I loved every moment spent at GRTS. And every day was memorable. GRTS prepared me to face the world. It is the most challenging and demanding job I have ever had so far but I loved every minute of it. I just got the news that the former Director General passed away. May his soul rest in peace.”

Known for her beautiful dark skin and short hair, Fayer is undoubtedly a source of pride for many young Gambians. She started her modelling career in The Gambia. In 2008, the Marina ex-student was crowned Miss Bakau and two years later she emerged as the winner of Face of Gambia. 

After her relocation to the United States in December 2010, she was introduced to the model industry by a cousin, who invited her to appear at the Couture Fashion Week held at the Woldorf Astoria Hotel, New York. She was a big hit, and her career on the runways officially took off. Fayer is now signed with Heartland Model Agency, based in Europe.


Posing nude

There are many young girls in the Gambia, who aspire to become models, but unfortunately they are not as courageous as Fayer. Models are expected to expose skin and to many this is ‘unislamic’.

We asked Fayer if she had ever posed naked in front of a camera.

“Yes I posed naked before but what I did is called artistic nude,” she responded.

According to her, artistic nude is more of teasing the audience. She added: “You show skin but you leave a lot for the imagination. The photographer takes it in an angel wherein people will think you are naked. You can cover yourself with a cloth, your hand or another model can be a part of it. It is a very popular in the model industry because it takes guts and creativity to pull it off perfectly without looking like a Playboy Model.”

Relationship with Jali Madi

Fayer and Jali Madi used to be one of the most popular celebrity couples in the country. They kept Gambian tongues wagging for many months, but now the question on every one’s lips is: “Are they still together?”

Her response was: “When you meet me and Jali, we will tell you all about our journey together.” The Gambian model declined to comment further on the state of their relationship.

Black is beautiful

Italian fashion guru, Franca Sozzani once said: “The truth is that real beauty doesn’t care for skin colour or nationality.”

Fayer never bleached her skin to be noticed. The former GRTS presenter said: “I use raw Shea butter and baby oil.”

She added: “I love my skin colour and I am very proud of it. Bleaching is the last thing on my mind. I am always proud when people see me and go 'you are from Africa right?' I love my skin tone. I like to be natural and be myself at all times. This is how God made me and I pray to die same way inshallah!”

Gambian music

At the end of interview we tried to quiz Fayer about Gambia music. “Honestly, the only person I have on my lap top (like more than five songs) is Jali Madi, because he gave them to me when I was coming to the USA. I also have Gee, ENC and Grandiz Kroo on my phone.

You can follow Fayer by liking her Facebook page. Click below  http://www.facebook.com/YamaFayeFayer?fref=ts

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