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The story of Sanna Manjang: How he became a serial killer
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The story of Sanna Manjang: How he became a serial killer

Although he’s from a relatively humble background, Sanna Manjang has always had a knack for getting into trouble.

His father was a bicycle mechanic in Brikama Berewuleng – a few meters from the Brikama community radio, FMB.

Sanna did not follow his father’s path. He attended Brikama Secondary School (Alpha Khan), but his overall best position during his 4-year education was 39th.

With a gloom future at school, he soon joined the army shortly after completing secondary schooling. Following a brief stint at the Fajara Barracks, he was transferred to State House.

It was at State House that Sanna was noticed by former president Jammeh and recruited to join the notorious Junglers, most of whom, like Sanna, were less or uneducated bunch of criminal soldiers.

Sources said his first major operation was the burning of the defunct Independent Newspaper.

The then rookie killer sustained burn injuries during that arson attack. His involvement in that operation however, was exposed by the NRP party leader, Hamat Bah, during his days as NAM of Upper Saloum.

Sanna became a fully- fledged serial killer, and linked to some of the most notorious and deadly crimes ever in the nation’s history. 

He has since fled the country when the shocking defeat and an end to the one-man-rule of Yahya Jammeh happened in December.  

Nevertheless, he is today The Gambia’s most wanted man, and warrant has since been issued for his arrest to face alleged involvement in the killing of prominent journalist Deyda Hydara.

A source disclosed to What’s On-Gambia that Sanna was recently spotted  in Guinea Bissau. More on that coming!


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