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The struggling tourism industry, working with Gee and more: Fanta Jarjussey writes about her Gambian visit
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The struggling tourism industry, working with Gee and more: Fanta Jarjussey writes about her Gambian visit

I've been in The Gambia for just over a month now and the only negative thing I've had the displeasure of noticing is that although the season has started, it's been a lot quieter than my trip was last year. Sadly, it’s very evident that the effects of Ebola are noticeably loud despite Gambia not having had a single case of the disease.

A lot of hotels have let go of staff or are using trainees instead of long term employees in order to financially accommodate the dwindling season but on a brighter note, with more and more tourists and "semesters" which those such as myself (Gambians who reside abroad) are nicknamed, December looks more promising as things are picking up so I urge anybody who is apprehensive of holidaying in Gambia due to fear of contracting Ebola to leave their ignorance at the airport and jump on that plane. Africa is a continent not a country and it's about time the difference is realised. With such great efforts from the government and campaigners such as the Ebola Free Gambia guys who have worked relentlessly to educate, protect and deliver donations around the country in their fight to keep Gambia Ebola free, we have nothing to be fearful of and everything to be grateful for... I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather and lounging on the lovely beaches in an Ebola free Gambia so let’s support the cause and keep it that way.

Fanta jarjussey

On the Senegambia strip, new club Dreamz Lounge has been making quite the impact with a limited entrance policy. Dreamz is located next door to the famous WOW nightclub but they are as different as night and day. Having partied there a few times, I can tell you; if you want a good time without the much younger, more hyper crowd and prefer a more grown up feel to your evening then Dreamz is the place for you…

Speaking of Senegambia, I finally got to meet rapper T.Smallz when randomly having evening drinks at Club 22. We had a great chat about his upcoming mixtape and his recent travels to Europe as well as his upcoming performance at Gee's Situations album launch.

Being a part of Gee’s PR team, it's been very exciting in the studio with him and Shyboy so close to the release date, watching them finish the album and making the final touches. We've been really busy with prep meetings and everything is going well, billboards going up and radio ads on the air…it's almost show time! I can't tell you any details other than what you already know but I can promise you, it's going to be very different from any other album launch that's taken place in The Gambia. Team Gee were in for a good treat this week with not one but two surprise releases: “Loi Ragal” featuring award winning Senegalese songstress Viviane and the highly infections feel good track “Yallah Bahna”  with Wally Seck where Gee does something he doesn't usually do…sing! It was a magical moment when he first did it during a recording session at Black Lynx Studios and it came out great! I’m not sure if he’ll be making anymore surprise releases with just over two weeks to go before the album is released but you never know with him and that’s what Team Gee love; the anticipation…!

Fanta jarjussey

Lastly, on Saturday, I was invited to a lavish Gala Dinner at Kairaba Beach Hotel hosted by The American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) where Badibunka performed. It was a great evening with family and friends and I took pride in seeing Gambians both here at home and from all over the world being acknowledged for not only all their business endeavours but the contributions they have made to the country, especially young budding entrepreneurs like Alieu Jallow. Congratulations to all the winners especially my amazing aunt Juka Jabang, sister in law Ramatoulie Jabang and a special thanks to my uncle Bax Touray for his continued leadership.

This week, I look forward to attending the Gambia Fashion Weekend, which will take place at Kairaba Beach hotel on Friday and Sun Park (La Divas) on Saturday.


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