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“The worst experience in my life”: Malick Jallow’s heartbreak after wife dies giving birth
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“The worst experience in my life”: Malick Jallow’s heartbreak after wife dies giving birth

Malick S. Jallow is still grieving the loss of his wife, Fatou Baba. She suddenly died in February, 2014 while giving birth at the Mbowen Clinic in Kanifing.

In this interview, the prominent youth leader shares his heartbreak at losing his ‘sweetheart’. He is now adjusting to life as a single parent.

What’s On-Gambia: Your wife tragically passed away while giving birth. How are you coping?

Malick:This is a situation you can’t explain to anyone. It is the worst experience in my live. My wife was operated, and the whole operation was a total failure. She never woke up.

Anyway, I remain thankful for the support and encouragement I received. People continue to stand by me, especially my family and in-laws.

Did you receive any warning when she was pregnant?

I did not receive any warning. She regularly attended her scheduled clinics. In fact, the day she passed away was her scheduled appointment.  

At what hospital or clinic did she pass away and how did you get the news?

She passed away at the Mbowen Clinic. I was at the clinic with her, just like her previous deliveries (two).

Mbowen Clinic

Are you blaming the clinic?

It is my strong belief that NO ONE SHOULD DIE GIVING LIFE. She was giving life and the least the clinic should have ensured was her life.

How would you describe losing a wife?

You feel completely empty. Life becomes ‘less interesting’. It requires a lot of strength to move on as things are NO LONGER THE SAME. It is challenging and emotional.

Are you planning to re-marry?

It is a difficult decision to take but yes, I am planning on re-marrying.

How is your daughter doing?

Thanks to the Almighty Allah, she is doing amazingly well. She is actually my 3rd girl child with my late wife.


What's your opinion on maternal mortality, and how do you think it can be eradicated in The Gambia?

I have not yet come across the official statistic; however, anecdotal evidence clearly indicates a high rate of maternal mortality in the country. To eradicate this, tougher regulations and enforcement mechanisms should be put in place. For example, every practicing medical practitioner or clinic should be mandated to explain to the authorities and stakeholders on any leading causes of any maternal mortality.

Besides, people need to be enlightened more on maternal mortality.

Are you planning on using your experience to raise awareness on maternal mortality?

Yes indeed. I will do everything within my limit to share my experience and advocate my firm belief that NO ONE should die giving life.

Any advice to young couples?

Do not heed to operation request from any doctor or practitioner without a proper/satisfactory medical advice or report from a qualified practitioner(s). Explore the other available options first.

May your wife’s soul rest in peace.

Ameen and thank you for the opportunity.


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