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Troublemaker: Gee in a bust up with Vypa
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Troublemaker: Gee in a bust up with Vypa

Popular rapper Gee is notorious for getting involved in beefs. From his well-talked about feud with T Smallz to his recent fight with La Costra Nostra rapper Killa Ace. Whether you are a promoter, producer or upcoming rapper, Gee will throw shots at your direction.

The controversial rapper is now at the center of another bust up – this time with fellow rapper, Vypa.  A source close to both rappers explained to What’s On-Gambia: “I’m not sure of the details of what happened but I think the problem started when Gee criticized the production quality of some of the music videos produced in The Gambia. Vypa wasn’t happy and he decided to give Gee a dressing – down and since then they avoid seeing eye-to-eye.”

What’s On-Gambia contacted Vypa to gather more information about the beef. The rapper disclosed that his spat with Gee is true and he promised to grant us an exclusive interview. When we contacted him the following day he surprisingly declined.

Despite his nonstop controversy, Gee is still the reigning king of rap in the Greater Banjul Area. He is like the boy-next-door who all the girls on the street want to date. He amassed legions of fans when he released the ‘naughty’ single Bul Falleh Nyee.

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