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Was his dad banned in Foni? Exclusive Interview with late Shyngle Nyassi’s son
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Was his dad banned in Foni? Exclusive Interview with late Shyngle Nyassi’s son

His father, Shygle Nyassi was one of the most prominent leaders in the opposition. Pa Malick Nyassi, commonly known as Pa Faal, is a student at the University of The Gambia.

Your origin……

My family is originally from Foni Kansala. We are the founding fathers of the community of Bwiam. My ancestors were among the first settlers in Foni, especially in the Foni Kansala area.

Your dad….

He had eight children, five boys and three girls. My dad started politics during the Jawara era. He was one of the youth leaders of the PPP party in the Foni Kansala constituency.

My dad was also among the founders of the Niani Kambeng Kafoo, an organization that was operating under PPP.

Dad’s involvement in politics after the military takeover….

On the 23rd August 1996, he was among the leaders that created the UDP party in Brikama. This happened when people wanted to respond to the military’s banning of  almost all political parties in the first republic.

My dad was selected to serve as the youth president of UDP. He passed away on the 27th October, 2013.

Before his involvement in politics, he was working at the Gambia Produce Marketing Board (GPMB) in Kaur and that was where I was born.

A Jola against APRC…

He was a Gambian and every Gambian has the right to belong to any political party, irrespective of tribal lines.

Banned in Foni……

My dad was not banned in Foni. He had access to the area.

Attending the University of The Gambia (UTG)…..

I am on my 2nd year studying political science.

Why political science……

Since I was a child, my thoughts, beliefs and motivations were centered mainly on my dad. My dad’s political status influenced me a lot. According to him, engaging in politics is a stepping stone in contributing to development of the country.

Interested in politics?

No! I don’t want to engage myself in partisan politics. Being a political science student, there are many areas I can venture into.

UTG students’ sit down strike.…

This was a decision passed by the students’ union, and as a member of the student body I had to comply and offer my support.

The new grading system…..

Researches were conducted by the union to look into the grading system of other reputable universities and the results show that many universities are operating within the confines of the old grading system. When I was enrolled at the UTG, the old grading system was in use and if they are to change it, there will be some inconsistency on my transcript.


I like reading, watching football and spending time with the family.

The new head of the Nyassi family….

My eldest brother, Sulayman Nyassi in the UK.

Final words….

Thanking What’s On-Gambia for the opportunity to express my thoughts. You guys are one of my favorite online media outlets.


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