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What you possibly didn’t know about Hellen Maroun
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What you possibly didn’t know about Hellen Maroun

Hellen Maroun continues to make headlines both in The Gambia and Senegal for her failed marriage with famous wrestler, Balla Gaye II.

While it seems like the Gambian-Lebanese beauty’s life has become a constant subject of gossip, there are still some things you may not know about her.

Hellen is half-Karoninka (not Jola!). Her mother is from a very influential family in Kafountine, Casamance. They are said to be thecustodians of the village.

A source told What’s On-Gambia: “Hellen’s grad dad is Sasa Jatta and he lives in Dakar. They are all fair in complexion because they have Mauritanian connection. Her uncle, Balla is the alkalo of Kafountine and he is assisted by the youngest brother in the family, Ensa.”

According to our source, who is very close to the Jatta family, Hellen’s aunt is now heading the village orchestra.

“She is from a very powerful family. They own the village, and everyone respects them.”

We were unable to establish how the famous socialite girl’s mother ended up in The Gambia and got married to a Lebanese from the Maroun family.

Our source added: “Her mum is the only family member in The Gambia, the rest are in Casamance and Dakar. I remember, Hellen and her younger sister were always in Kafountine during school holidays.”

The people of Kafountine, according to our source, were very sad when they got the news that Hellen ended her marriage with Balla Gaye II, who is also originally from Casamance.

The beautiful socialite is now in a serious relationship with a guy in the USA, and was rumored to have gotten married to her. However, she vehemently denied rumours that she recently got married again. 


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