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Where are they now? Famous Gambians hit by ‘Jaliba Kuyateh curse’
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Where are they now? Famous Gambians hit by ‘Jaliba Kuyateh curse’

So many famous Gambians have given Jaliba Kuyateh thousands of dalasi, cars and expensive gifts to praise them and let the whole country know how successful they are.

For some it’s been a curse, causing havoc in their lives. They lost their jobs, money and some even spent years behind bars.

“Most of them aren't downright penurious but are shadows of their former selves and shrinking violets on the firmament of Gambia's 'who is who',” said a social commentator.

Musa Suso was the golden boy of the APRC party. He was widely adored and elected as a National Assembly member for Kombo North. The Sukutarian was destined for greatness.

He was on top of the mountain only to come crashing down like a pack of cards.  Musa and the famous businessman, Ndeneh Faal were convicted for drug related charges and sentenced to a breath-taking imprisonment.

The disgraced politician was later granted a presidential pardon in June 2007. But he was unable to regain his equilibrium.

Musa Suso is not alone. There are also other famous Gambians that fell from grace after having songs dedicated to them by Jaliba.

Yusupha Saho and Famatta Sanyang were successful business people from Gunjur. They are now hardly mentioned during public gatherings.

Former Justice Minister, Lamin AMS Jobarteh is doing time in Mile 2 for corruption and destruction of evidence.  He was on top of the game, enjoying the spotlight. This man was one of most respected lawyers.

Moro Baldeh, Salifu Jaiteh, Suku Singateh, Babandinding Jobarteh and Bakary Nyassi are not completely broke, but they are now shadows of their former selves.

The most recent to be praised by the kora maestro is Sweden’s Teneng Ndure. She is a businesswoman that presented Jaliba a brand new Kai Sportage 4WD. In an interview with What’s On-Gambia, she denied the ‘Jaliba Kuyateh curse’, saying ‘it is Allah that gives and takes away.”

“Jaliba has praised so many people who are still successful,” said Teneng.


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