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Where to go? Open Mic Festival date clashes with Wally Secka’s return
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Where to go? Open Mic Festival date clashes with Wally Secka’s return

You might have planned to attend both the Open Mic Festival and Wally Secka’s concert this Christmas, well, that might be difficult now as the two major events clash in dates. 

“I heard a lot of people talking about the return of Wally Secka, but I don’t think it will affect the Open Mic at the Stadium.  The two events have different themes and will take place at different venues,” said Haddy Janneh of Latri Kunda Sabiji. 

What’s On- Gambia spoke to a few event-goers and it seems they’re still divided over where to go. The date clash could lead to an exhausting weekend hopping from one event to another.  

But for Fatimah Zahra Samateh, a die-hard Gambian music supporter, Open Mic is her first obvious choice. 

“I remember last year same thing happened, but people always respond to the Open Mic Festival despite the clashes....I’ll be going to the Open Mic of course fekeh teweh inshaAllah,” she said. 

It costs more than GMD300 to see the famous son of Thione Secka on stage, while with less than GMD200 you would be able to see 13 local artistes belting out some of their favorite songs at the Independence Stadium, Bakau. 

Some event organisers expressed concern over the lack of co-ordination in the Gambian entertainment industry. They suggested that a body should be created to look into planning and dates of entertainment activities. 

AJ Correa of AJ Promotions thinks collisions are not healthy and only leads to rivalry among promoters. 

He said: “I was discussing it yesterday with another promoter here in the States called Olimatta Taal. We have to go back to basics. A successful Gambian is success to the whole community and not this individuality mentality. It's so sad. I got my show booked and I’m having other shows on same date as rivals.” 

The Open Mic Festival is described as the country’s biggest music event. Now in its sixth year taking place on the 27th December, 2013, the festival will feature popular local stars like Gee, Bro K, Manding Morry, Killa Ace and ST. However, some music enthusiasts are disappointed that the organisers have again refused to have a female solo artist on their line-up.


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