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Who hacked Fatu Network’s Facebook page?
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Who hacked Fatu Network’s Facebook page?

The Fatu Network is struggling to regain access to its Facebook page after it was hacked on Sunday.  

Its CEO and owner, Fatou Camara disclosed on her personal Facebook account: "Everything you currently seeing on The Fatu Network Facebook Page is NOT posted by me or any member of our admin team." 

She continued: "We have reported the issue to Facebook and they are working on resolving it. Right now none of us at The Fatu Network has control over the page." 

According to her, "It will be ok insha’Allah, I was able to see the name of the person who took it over, made himself admin and removed us all." 

Fatou disclosed some Gambian IT experts in the Diaspora are currently helping them to regain access to the page, which has more than 390,000 followers.  

However, social media expert Yankuba Dampa revealed: "If what Fatu said about her page is true, I will advise her to go and create another Facebook page and forget about the one hacked. Is only Facebook that can help her if the hackers are smart enough."


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