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“You can ban my music again”: Gee blasts ‘manipulative’ Saul Sowe
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“You can ban my music again”: Gee blasts ‘manipulative’ Saul Sowe

The feud between Gee and the owner of Joluv Arts Entertainment, Saul Sowe is showing no signs of ending.

The famous rapper took to Facebook on Thursday, 8th January and blasted Saul for creating disunity and distrust in the music industry.

Gee seemed to be suggesting that the producer was responsible for the recent misunderstanding between him and Manding Morry.  Both artists had their album launching on the same weekend in December 2014.

He wrote: “As we all know Manding didn't come to my launching because I didn't see him at all. I personally went to his the next day and went backstage to wish him luck. The order must have come from the same person (referring to Saul).”

The Bul Falleh Nyee hit maker added: “If artists allow their management to come between their relationships with other artists, nyorm la neeh.”

It would be recalled, in 2014, Gee’s songs were banned on Capital FM, a radio station own by Saul.

“My music got banned from Capital FM for over a year,” wrote Gee. “Saul Sowe, you can ban my music again, be my guest. Yallah def na there are other radio stations. If you don't, I'd write a letter myself requesting it. Its 2015 scratch my back, I scratch your back.”

The controversial rapper, who has never been one to mince words, alleged that the producer is also trying to spoil his relationship with Jali Madi and Bai Babu – both under Joluv Arts Entertainment.

Saul Sowe, according to reliable information, is feeling the brunt of Gee’s latest Facebook attack. The post, now deleted, scored almost 500 likes with some fans describing the producer as a divisive character. 


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