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10 Gambian YouTubers you should be watching
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10 Gambian YouTubers you should be watching

Here are 10 sprouting YouTubers who are doing very well in what they do: 

Figo Manneh 

He's the owner of Figo Mock News. His channel has more than 30,000 subscribers and nearly one million views on social media. 

Ricki Denise 

She's an African-American who lives in The Gambia with her family. Ricki is the first Gambia-based American to gather thousands of subscribers on YouTube. 

Amy Ceesay 

She vlogs about her travel, fashion and lifestyle. Based in the USA, Amy has 11,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Yandeh Sallah 

She loves making travel vlogs. Yandeh's channel has over 15,000 subscribers. 

Agie's Corner 

She is undoubtedly one of the most controversial Gambian YouTubers. Agie lives in the United Kingdom. Her channel has 6,000 subscribers. 

Koyo Baby 

Her channel is one year old, but it has been gathering a lot of followers and views. Koyo lives between the UK and The Gambia. 

Famous Comedy 

With over 43,000 subscribers, the duo are the most popular home-based comedians on YouTube. Their funny videos keep their viewers coming back. 

Tida Jobe 

Her channel is among the newest on YouTube. Sally is a comedian who has over 50,000 followers on Instagram. 

Sibo Yaa 

A YouTube channel by a US-based Gambian, Sibo Yaa has been gaining an impressive following with 10,000 subscribers. 

Kalajulas Kitchen 

Run by a US-based Gambian couple, Kalajula's Kitchen is a cooking channel with over 9000 subscribers.


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