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Barrow allegedly turns down O Boy & Gambian Child
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Barrow allegedly turns down O Boy & Gambian Child

As the famous duo, Oboy and Gambia Child, prepare to launch their Jutunaya album on Friday at Q City, reports have emerged that President Adama Barrow has turned down a request to meet them. 

An insider familiar with the issue disclosed to What's On-Gambia that the Farato-born stars' request to meet the president was recently declined. 

"His aides are not sure about the reliability of some Gambian artists including the kids, O Boy & Gambian Child. The president was advised against meeting musicians who might ridicule or attack him in the future." 

Some Gambian music enthusiasts are convinced that the duo's new single, Ahjindi is a veiled swipe at the Gambian leader who is preparing to seek reelection in December. 

O Boy sang in the opening verse: "Ela mansa namang dokuwokeh, ahjindi. Ela depitey namang dokuwokeh, ahjindi. Ela governor namang dokuwokeh, ahjindi." 

The music video for the song gathered more than 30,000 views in less than 24 hours. One of his fans commented: "Magnificently crafted. Loved the concept and message. Much respect. Ahjindi!" 

Meanwhile, O Boy & Gambian Child will launch their Jununya album on Friday, April 9, at the Q City. Thousands of their fans are expected to turn out for the event.


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